Máquinas cortadoras de cabezas

Baader 427 - V-cut Heading machine

Man. year: 1980-1990

Condition: overhauled

Designed for being used directly in front of Baader filleting machines and tuned to their throughput rate. This machine heads sea trout and salmon, but also cod, haddock, bleg or unbled, in a specialy meat-saving manner with a V-cut, directly behinnd the collar bone. This machine is designed for heading whitefish with anoverall length from 50-100 cm.

Capacity: up to 35 fish/min

Power consumption: 2,0 kW

Water consumption: 10 L/min

Dimensions: 1, 75 x 1,00 x 1, 95 m

Weight (net/gross): 500/760 kg