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Para pescado blanco

Baader 185 - Máquina para retirar la piel y filetear

Hombre. año: 1988

Estado: Bueno

Baader 185 provides filleting and skinning of a whitefish: big and medium cod, haddock, saith, merluza or the same fish.

This machine is similar to the Baader 184. Its guidance assemblies and tools are, however, larger dimensioned.

The working range of this machine is abt. 50 to 100 cm (=1 - 8,5 kg) for cod , abt. 50 to 90 cm (=1 - 6 kg) for saithe and abt. 50 to 80 cm (=1 -4,5 kg) for haddock, cm meaning the total length of the fish and gutted fish head on. Also can process de-headed fish: cod 40-80 cm (0.8-6.5 kg), saith 40-75 cm (0.8-5.0 kg) and haddok 40-65 cm (0.8-3.5 kg).

Also with an integrated skinning unit the Baader 185 is highly efficient  with optimal product quality and high yield.

Completed with skinner Baader 51.

Capacity: 24-32 fish/min

Staff: 1 person

Power consumption: 10 kW

Water consumption: 28 l/min

Dimensions: 6,90 x 1,86 x 1,50 m

Weight (net/gross): 2800/3680 kg


Backbones after Baader 185

Backbone (1)

Backbone (3)

Backbone (2)

Fillets after Baader 185