Procesado del salmón del Atlántico

Baader 201 Filleting machine

Filleting machine for white and red fish of big size

Man. year: 1998

Condition: very good

The Baader 201 produces standard fillets from headed and gutted fish without collar bone. It is designed for large fish (up to 13 kg) and equipped with an ergenemically designed loading facility, scraping tools working on large surfaces and a special fish guidance assembly to achieve a particularly clean cut and high yield. Thanks to its compact design, it is suitable for on-board use. It is possible to connect two Baader skinning machines.

Working range: Atlantic cod - 50-120 cm (= max 13 kg), Pacific cod - 54-108 cm (= max 13 kg), saithe - 60-120 cm (= max 12 kg), Salmon - max 9 kg, Tuna - abt. 4,5 to max 9 kg

Capacity: 10, 18 or 20 fish/min, in cycles

Power consumption: 4,5 kW

Water consumption: 16 l/min

Dimensions: 4,70x 1,67x 1,45 m

Weight (net/gross): 1800/2230 kg