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Fish Speed Cleaning Machine PRC

Condition: new

PRC Speed Cleaning Machine - automatic gutting and scaling machine for perch, pikeperch and similar fish species or other flat shaped fish

It processes a fish by high-pressured water and doesn't damage the fish.

Capacity: 30 fish per minute / approx. 1 ton per hour

Size range: from 100 g to 1,5 kg


Frame and covers made of stainless steel 304

Dual belt system conveyor with high pressure jets for scaling and gutting.

Circular knife for belly opening and gutting.

High pressure pump 18 bar with pre filter 2"

Electrical motors for belt and knife driving.

Electrical board for operation.

Protection against inverted phases and faulty phase. Protection against water levels.

Control voltage: 24VDC

Electric consumption : 3 ph / 220V / 12 kW / 25A

Water consumption: 160 l/min.

External dimensions (LxWxH): 316 x 750 x 1670 mm.

Transportation dimensions (LxWxH): 2004 x 704 x1202.

Weight: approx. 650 kg


Optional Items:

A 1000 liter water tank (is required to prevent dry running of the pump)

Second external multi stage pump for operation eviscerate only

Water recirculation system

Drum filter for the returned clean water (600 mm diameter with 500 micron mesh net, drain valve 2", gear motor for agitator, Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pump)

Transfer Pump