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Metal detector Advancheck Bulk Safeline

Man. year: 2013

Reliable and quickly working x-rays system for finding foreign matter (glass, metal, stones, bones, plastic) in volumetric flow of loose food.

Machine's work based on the usage of one vertical x-ray and flap system of rejection. Products move by conveyor as a cascade. Then a foreign matter is determined, flap opens and a defective product falls into a hopper, then flap closes and other production continues to move. Such system helps to reduce the rejection losses.

Capacity: 2800 kg per hour (with conveyor speed 37 m/min)

Conveyor width: 300 mm

Conveyor speed: up to 40 m/min

Size of rejected particles: metal - 0,8-2 mm, stones - 2-5 mm, glass - 2-4 mm, PVC plastic - 1,8-3 mm


Automatic set up of choosing foreign matter

Tray shape of conveyor minimize the products leak

User-friendly software, automatic quick start.

Control of statistics and options for data search using USB and internet ports


Low power consumption

Due to compact design machine could be installed in small rooms

Technical data:

Made of stanless steel, not contained plumbum

X-ray: 70 kW/1,5 mA or 50 kW/2,0 mA

Electricity: 110 V (60 Hz) / 230 V (50 Hz)

X-rays detector: high-stable USB-detector with 0,8 mm diode for width 300 и 400 mm

X-rays emission: 1 mikrozivert per hour

Dimensions (L*W*H): 1 960*900*1760 mm