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Equipos para procesado de carne

Vacuum tumbler Inject Star Europa ES-1100 VSP

Man. year: 2000

Condition: Good, working

The machine is designed for massaging meat with and without bones, using a special baffle. The product is moved across the special baffle to provide efficient protein activation, and massaging in a rotating, sliding, and slipping movement.

Drum volume: 1100 l

Optimal loading: 500-700 kg

Drum rotating speed: 1-11 turnovers per minute

The system is driven by a frequency controlled motor via friction rollers.

The container is emptied by rotating it to the left.

Equipped with computer. Up to 99 production programs can be created and stored.

The programmable parameters are: massaging speed, massaging duration, direction of rotation, processing time, rest time, vacuum, ventilation, temperature

Machine can provides massage under normal atmosphere, under permanent vacuum, impulse massage and alternating massage.

Max. program cycle duration: up to 100 hours
- massage: up to 100 minutes
- rest: up to 100 minutes

Vacuum pump with vacuum indicator. Impulse mode with gas flushing function is available.

Power: 1.5 kW
Voltage: 3х220 / 380 V / 50 Hz
Dimensions (LxWxH): 2150 х 1540 х 1800 mm
Weight: 750 kg