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Equipos para procesado de carne

Tumbler system Inject Star MAGNUM CSL 4600


Man.year: 2004

Condition: Excellent

Container volume: 4600 l

Massaging capacity: 3200 kg

Regardless of whether the frozen meat is in pieces or in the form of blocks, system offers the gentlest, time and space-saving cost-effective method.

By usage of Inject Star technology, the thawing process can take approx. from 4 to 12 hours according to loading level and the desired end-product-quality,. 

Featured programs, ranging from time-saving but intensive to particular gentle treatment, are product-specific defined with the ISC-E40 computer control. Glycol temperature, vacuum and process flow will be pre-set by the ISC-E40 computer control, based on experienced data.

Model is equipped with a 750 mm "JUMBO-lidport", capable of handling frozen meat blocks of 600 x

400 x 200 mm.

Process flow:

- loading of the massage system (product- and machine-depending by conveyor belt, loading lift or manually)

- automatic closure of the container by the hydraulic lid, generation of 80% vacuum

- when achieving a meat-core-temperature of 0° to 1°C, the glycol circuit switches automatically from heating- to cooling-mode. Thus, the meat is kept under vacuum at hygienic-low temperatures until the end of the program.

Technical data:

Tip-lift-system: hydraulic

Slope range: from -15° to +35°

Computer control: ISC-E40 Touch Screen

Cooling system: container jacket cooling, external cooling aggregate, cooling agent R507

Rotational speed (continously adjustable): 0,5-12 rotations per minute

Drive: direct drive

Layout of fins: straight

Number of fins: 4

Loading: optionally via loading lift or conveyor belt

Unloading: by tilting and right-hand rotation

Nominal power: 3 x 400V/50 Hz

Cooling aggregate: 6,4 kW

Vacuum pump: 3 kW

Drive motor: 7,5 kW

Hydraulic device: 2,2 kW

Total power consumption: 19,1 kW

Dimensions (L x W x H): 5200 x 2500 x 3600 mm

Weight: 3000 kg

Cooling aggregate dimensions (L x W x H): 1250 x 1000 x 1260 mm

Weight of cooling aggregate: 400 kg