Separadores de carne y huesos

Bone separator Sepamatic 2000 ST

Man. year: 2003
Condition: good
This machine is used for separating raw meat material from waste components, such as cartilages, veins, skin and bones. This machine is used for increase grade and separating raw meat material for meat mechanical processing and meatbone residue.

Capacity: up to 4000 kg/h

Bone separator includes automatic dosing and loader

Raw material retract between high-elastic clamping band and steel perforated drum circling together and go through brief pressing operation. Hard, big and agglutinate parts stay outside the drum but softened parts are pushed inside the drum through the holes.

Productivity depends from the raw material is used, clamping pressure and size of the holes of drum.

A contactless control device FACONOP prevents overdose of raw material and no-load, as a result increases a durability of a belt.