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Sealpac RE 20 - Thermoformer

Manufactured year: 2011

Condition: Good, working

This thermoforming machine designed for the packaging of food products (meat, fish and vegetables), consumer goods and certified medicines in hermetically sealed packs. Used to pack sausages and sliced bologna.

How it works:

The film is secured between the two chains on the loading side of the machine. The first processing of the film takes place in the form of a laying pattern. There, due to the combination of heat and pressure, the mold is attached to the film. In the next section of the machine, filling stations, the molded packages are filled with the product. In the next section, in the welding form, the upper film is superimposed on the bottom and welded to it. In the process of welding, the package can be evacuated or filled with gas if desired. In conclusion, individual packages are separated from each other. Packaged products are fed from the machine through a conveyor or a trough.

Die sets:


Overall dimensions (LxW): 200 x 140 mm

Inside dimensions (LxW): 185 x 125 mm

Set 3-2 


Overall dimensions (LxW): 400 x 210 mm

Inside dimensions (LxW): 377 x 190 mm

Set 2-1 


Overall dimensions (LxW): 210 x 200 mm

Inside dimensions (LxW): 195 x 182 mm

Set 2-2 


Overall dimensions (LxW): 420 x 420 mm

Inside dimensions (LxW): 400 x 377 mm

Set 1-1 

Film width: 420 mm

Power: 13 kW

Voltage: 3 x 230\400 V 50 Hz

Dimensions (LxWxH): 6678 x 1056 x 2150 mm