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Equipos para procesado de pollo

Poultry mechanically deboned meat processing line

Line for processing of mechanically deboned meat of chicken and turkey, equipped with freezing system

Capacity: 3 t/h

The line consists of:

- Hydraulic hoist  for raw

- Mixer Boldt-5000

- Feeding conveyor for separator

- Bone separator Lima RM 800 S

- Pump for transporting mince into collector

- Filler REX RVF-911

- Conveyor with dozing unit and transportation of boxes to  freezing system

Capacity of freezing system: 2,5 t/h

Freezing system includes:

   Two plate freezers DSI тип H-28/14 - 3 штуки

   Set of 13 kg boxes

   Two compressors Grasso ICH-50B - 2 штуки

   Control boxes, lane receiver, circular receiver

   Air condenser

   Two circular ammonia pumps