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Equipos de envasado

Multivac R 140 Thermoforming machine


Manufactured year: 2007

Condition: Overhauled

Film width: 422 mm

Upper film width: 405 mm

Designed for packing products in vacuum packages. Suitable for all kind of products: fish, meat, poultry, vegetables, IQF products. All products in packages made by Multivac will be fresher for a long time and will be protected from unwanted particles entering the product. Work on the semi-rigid film with thickness 90 microns for upper film and 200 microns for a lower film. Depth 45 mm.

Power: 9 kW

Voltage: 3 x 400 V \ 50 Hz

Die set:

1. 2:1 outside dimensions 401 x 150 mm, inside dimensions 386 x 150 mm

2. 3:1 outside dimensions 300 x 133 mm, inside dimensions 282 x 118 mm

3. 2:2 outside dimensions 205 x 150 mm, inside dimensions 185 x 132 mm