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Baader 541 - Splitting (Clipfish) machine

Man.year: 2006

Condition: good, working

This klipfish (splitting) machine processes whitefish: Cod, Pacific Cod, Saithe (Pollock), Tusk, Ling, Blue Ling, Brosme

Working range (fish length): 45-110 cm (0.6-10 kg) (depending on specie)

Working range (trunk length): 35-80 cm (0.4-8 kg) (depending on specie)

Big fish version: 35-100 cm cod 35-110 cm ling

Throughput rate: 10-36 fish \min or up to 30 fish \ min (big fish version)


- Perfect saltfish cut 

- Whole working range without adjustment

- High flexibility regarding the cut

- High capacity - high yield

- Less downgrades, due to electronic measurement andmovement of the tools

- Automatic neckblood-removal device available

- Easy to clean

Example of cut: