Equipos de congelación y Descongelación

Geneglace Ice-maker F 600 SBF NH3

Manufactured year: 2006

Condition: Good, working

Capacity: 10 - 14 tons per 24 hours

Individual features of the ice machine flake ice Geneglace F 600 SBF NH3 are:

- Produced by dry ice and freezing than due to its high absorption capacity and cooling

- Produced ice crumbly, it does not stick together in blocks

- Ice is produced without sharp corners and edges so that it does not spoil the appearance of products and packaging

Technical characteristics of the ice maker Geneglace F 600 SBF NH3:

- Ice thickness of 1.6 mm

- Evaporation temperature -23 C

- The cooling capacity of 65 kW

Max. working pressure: 15 Bar.

Max. refrigerant charge: 60 kg.

Voltage: 400 V/ 5Hz

Max. amperage: 2 A