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Mycom Mayekawa HS 6023 - Piston compressor

The high pressure HS-series compressors can be used to compress the gas up to 60 barG.

Compressors can be used in CO2 refrigeration systems and NH3 heat pumps.

When using the HS series compressor in CO2 refrigeration, this compressor can also be used for defrosting of the system up to 20°C, in addition to the refrigeration duty.

The HS series compressor heat pumps are directly contributing to significant energy savings. The heat pump can produce hot water up to 95°C with important reduction of fossil fuel consumption such as gas and oil. The HS series can be used in a wide range of pressures and speeds.

HS-series compressors are environmentally friendly due to using natural refrigerants and saving of energy and CO2 emission.

Refrigerant: Ammonia / CO2

Direct drive

Max. discharge pressure: 60 barG

Max. suction pressure: 30 barG

Max. differencial pressure: 40 barG

Design pressure: 66 / 35 barG

Max. discharge temperature: 140 C

Max. suction temperature: -60 C

Max. oil supply temperature: 70 C

Max. cooling water inlet temperature: 15/50 C

Minimum/maximum rotation speed: 750 / 1500 rpm